tirsdag, september 27, 2005

Autumn leaves

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Spent some time with the ever great fall romance this past week. Autumn strikes me as the most romantic time of the year. Really. And this time around I feel struck down like a bolt of lightning. I'm in love. Hard and heavy. Crazy days. Fabulous girl just pops up like that when I had control in my life.


Life's unpredictable as the day.

Eva Cassidy would have loved this picture...

torsdag, september 22, 2005


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More rain. And I keep on enjoying it. My heart's rejoying, you see. A girl came strolling into my life. I'm all smiles and even a rainy gutter like this makes me get all happy inside.


mandag, september 19, 2005

Rainy days

Bedroom view
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It just doesn't stop does it? I've got an increasing feeling it rains more than it used too. Not only here, but thinking back and to the places I've lived. Tokyo, Venice, Milan, Kristiansand, Horten, London and places I've travelled - it just seems to keep on raining.

I don't mind rain, though. Even though I get this Blade Runner-feeling. Just keep on pouring down, or more like drizzle actually...


lørdag, september 17, 2005


For the first time in a long time I've had a quiet evening, and a chance to recover from the last weeks ravaging speed of things. Studies, job and moving into my new apartment. It's been quiet a ride. Tonight I had plans to writing one of many essays I have due, but my head decided agains it. I simply had to have a breather. Anyway, I managed to turn in one essay, a group essay today. So I shouldn't feel to bad.

I just sat here in front of my tv and PB and chatted, read, listened to music I haven't listened to for a while, sipping wine and dining fine. All the while the rain was hammering down on the roof of this town. Marvelous.

It's been a good evening.

torsdag, september 15, 2005


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I remember this moment when I was riding my new bike along the coast, thinking of what to do about my life. Everything was so quiet and still. But new things were coming my way. I just had to wait and see.

Testing waters

Just checking in again after a long hiatus. I think I'll start posting again. Moved to Trondheim. Lots of things have happened. Moved forward a notch in life's inevitable progress. I think I'll pick it up again. Thoughts and hindsights.