torsdag, desember 06, 2007


I've been an avid Flickr user for a couple of years now, and the online photo storage/stream service keeps on improving. The latest offering is online in-house photo editing called Picnik, but personally, as a globetrotting geography lover, I dig the new Places feature under the Explore flag.

Type in a place and you'll get the best from this particular place. A great way to research before any holiday-making. I'm proud to discover too of course that my good friend, larskflem and myself are featured photographers of our hometown Horten, while my sister's eminent photographing boyfriend Mixmaster has the featured interestingness photo on the same page. Yeah!

3 kommentarer:

Audun Bakke Andersen sa...

I like. I link.

larskflem sa...

i'm proud

mortsan sa...

kult med link, audun - takker