søndag, oktober 19, 2008

No more boring data

This past week we started our topic on Population Contrasts as we are working on Globalization in Social Studies. I used Hans Rosling's Gapminder as a topic starter. I set up projector and a big whiteboard - and had the bubblecharts speak for themselves before I complimented it with a lecture and follow-up questions.

Gapminder uses statistics to generate so-called bubblecharts to visualize developments and trends over time. This gives us a chance to see geo-political differences and sparks interest and debate. My class enjoyed this way of viewing statistics on population growth, birth rates, death rates and migration patterns. During and after the presentations of the various bubblegraphs and looking at particular countries and comparing them all students in the class had lots of questions and educated guesses.

Gapminder is a great tool to display human development patterns around the world and through history. It definitely created both curiosity and interest in my class.

2 kommentarer:

Audun Bakke Andersen sa...

Det her var fett. Norges oljeproduksjon er skremmende raskt på vei tilbake dessverre og man ser det veldig klart med dette verktøyet.

mortsan sa...

Skapte stor interesse for statestikk hos åttendeklassene mine også!