tirsdag, desember 13, 2005

A Fistful Of Dreamers

You little swagger, you!

It's all coming together now, isn't it? Paths are crossing, clinkin' and a-clankin' to an unstoppable tune of life's momentum. You got me, friend. You see life threw me off her back a while ago. I'm still fumbling in the dark, trying to figure my way back on top of it all, get back in the saddle, sort of. It feels it all has been make-believe so far, a far stretch of truth, an art of playfulness, and a swig of the old cupper of dreams. But you reach a point though, a point where you gulp it all up again, have a quick look at it and end up staring at it; is this all I am about? I feel nauseated. I felt I lost myself, we all do along the way, they tell me, or how come we evolve? Spot on, and right they are. Although, it's not at all that comfy anymore. Slippin' and slidin', pretending a dance of cheek-to-cheek. I lost it, I really did. I left it. I'm back where I started from, smarter and more self-conscious, though. I think. That's the tiny annoying point, the uncertainty. The blistering, painful uncertainty, and the dark. Love's lost and I'm damaged goods, they say. Ah, amore e un casino, caro. Veramente. What's it all about?

Nevertheless, life's a delight though, it swings, it kicks, it jumps to the melodies of old timers. It's all been done before; we know that, even though we won't admit it that easily. Life's a delight, have a mouthful, enjoy it, list the smiles you give and get and do the math. Life's easy. Life's hard. Life's a breeze. Life's a storm. Chapters closed are new ones begun. You're counting crows and pondering past. What may happen, my friend? There are smiles waiting. There are happy times ahead, I'm sure. The old timers put on a grin and told me so. Come on down one day. We might change the world.

Getty up,

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larskflem sa...

don't stop writing morten. please

mortsan sa...
Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av en bloggadministrator.
mortsan sa...

i'm impressed by your bluetoothin' ways, sir!