lørdag, mars 01, 2008

instant screen sharing

A cool, nifty and useful feature in Mac OSX Leopard is the Screen Sharing app. It's a bit hidden away for some reason, but a well known feature in iChat. Screen Sharing in Finder let's me access my stationary Mini Mac in my livingroom from my Macbook laptop. This is particularly useful when I need to print out, get or move files from one computer to another. I know I have the possibility to wirelessly print from Macbook over my local network using my Airport Express, but that has been slow and not very convenient the few times I have tried it. (With more persistence and patience perhaps..?)

I am a fond user of Leopard's Time Machine feature and by using a MyBook external drive I backup all my valuable files form both my Macbook and my Mini Mac and lost files are easily fond and restored by both using Time Machine and drag-and-drop form one computer, but accessing data on both. Screen Sharing is simple and a visual toolfor the slow-witted like myself.

Time Capsule and Airport Extreme Base Station would help me making these task even more streamlined and simple, but that's not within my budget yet.

Expert Village, a how-to-video website, has a good tutorial on how to use Screen Sharing.

More info on how to utilize Screen Sharing at Macworld.

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