lørdag, mars 29, 2008


Easter holiday's over and it's back to work. Read up on books, can absolutely recommend Morten Strøksnes' Automobil as well as Davis Vise's The Google Story.

Preparing a presentation I'll be having on Monday for colleagues on digital learning tools after lectures and workshops on the ECIS conference in Madrid which I attended in November. That could be interesting. I will focus on the positive sides of Internet, ICT and digital tools in a learning environment. I'll be talking about the experiences I have made at the middle school.

Just discovered that NRKbeta has collected Norwegian (for the most part) twitterers on this site, and it's fascinating to see realtime updates on twittering across the nation. Check out twittervision too for a global take on the phenomenon.

Hoping to make the move to Wordpress soon, but not happy with the template and tweaks yet.

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larskflem sa...

fun to hear about your presentation for your colleagues - hope you'll have time to post some comments on the feedback you might possibly have