tirsdag, april 08, 2008

What are you doing right now?

I have used Twitter for a while, and it's a neat little net app. Only a few of my friends use it, so it's a limited social networking device for me personally. It bears resemblance to the status field in Facebook, and what is fascinating is how 'short is the new loud'. Twitter restricts its answers to the 1000 $ question to 140 characters, 20 less than a conventional SMS.

So the idea is to tell your social network what you are doing, keep updated on what they are doing and do it short. It's useful for giving links and top-of-the-head whims to your friends in an easy interactive way, either using your mobile or the net.

Nonetheless, the question to be answered reminds me of my mother calling me on the phone and asking me what I'm up to and how my life is going. Of course, she does not have Twitter updates nor Facebook account, but she does swing by my Flickr photostream once in a while.

So why this need to egocast my life ongoings to my friends (and the world in principle) when I find the question rather haunting when posted by my parents? One thing which does ring true though would be if Twitter was around in the eighties - that would have saved my parents the question.

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lars k sa...

i tried to find an old article from aftenposten.no saying "Kjetil er på facebook" where the writer jokes about the pre-historical something way of communicating facebook users use the status function. like a constant confirmation and self acknowledgement. but the idea i enjoy. especially now, that nrkbeta has pulled the hype out of twitter and more people join. the more the marrier. that way it also creates a greater service for communication, that pass over the status message of facebook