fredag, februar 15, 2008

bildschöne bücher


Monocle has an interesting look at a different approach to book publishing this month on their stylish and informative online magazine. Instead of going large like Barnes & Noble, Amazon and the other giants the proprietor Bodo von Hodenberg has opened a book store in Berlin based upon the highly successful website The idea is that they want to publish beautiful books on photography, art and design - at least 25 copies. As Eric Idle would have said: "That's neat."

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larskflem sa...

that is neat :)

and you've been playing with your layout also, i see. i like the it, compared to the other its less "noisy".

mortsan sa...
Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.
mortsan sa...

you've inspired me, mister, and after reading this i shaped up and tried to strip it down a tad.

playing around with another online project too, trying to look for simple ways of microblogging and try to create a lifestream where i collect postings from different sights i use.

i really enjoy reading your blog, and i've been an avid reader of aggi's for years already. even though we live in the same city, see each other once in a while, it's fascinating to be part of each others' lifestream sort of speak, getting an insight into each others' life

internet intimacy with controlled distance one might call it.

aggi sa...

er noe kjent med denne layouten, ja ;)

mortsan sa...

vel, keep it simple, ay?
maksimalisme er jo såååå 2007

larskflem sa...

kult, jeg lurte på om jeg skulle sette igang en lifestream jeg også - kan jo hende det er en hjelp i å finne en slags sammenheng