onsdag, februar 13, 2008


Lately I have found myself moving my workflow increasingly from my desktop to the web. I find Google Docs very handy. I work in two places, one of them has wireless internet access while the other one does not. At the latter I find it hard to do word processing like creating weekly plans, homework assignments and other necessary digital related work. Earlier I would make the weekly plans at home and then print it out. This year I am challenged with acquiring information from several subject teachers, usually Tuesday night. This does not always happen, and it needs to get done at school on Wednesday when plans have to go out.

Enter Google Docs: I have a weekly plan template online which I use a copy of for every week. This way I create an accessible library of weekly plans for future reference and an instant access to my work wherever I am. Coming to school on Wednesday I get the info I need from colleagues and put it into the document I prepared the night before at home online in the computer lab (without the wireless access). This makes the hassle of handwritten jumble on neat weekly plans unnecessary and my workflow easier.

When a colleague in the administration saw this he asked if this would be possible for the whole staff to create a pool of templates, forms, plans and other useful documents for everyone to edit, copy, paste and access. Now that would help everyone's workflow if people were keen on participating and sharing. I wonder.

Google Apps Team Edition aims to facilitate this. Questions do remain though, and a returning one from co-workers in particular, boils down to this: Is it safe? And how much do I want to be on Google's servers..?

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larskflem sa...

i belive this is an everlasting challenge in use of information systems, because you both argue what system to use and how to make everybode else use the system as efficient as you - because then it would be more efficient for everybody. you touch many aspects other than wether to share your data with google or not.

i would say the best thing is to continue do what works best for you, as long as it doesn't make things more difficult for others. when your positive karma and super efficient life is discovered by the others, they will follow you... as least the history says so ;)

but i agree on the google part. check out other free collaborating services like stikkit, backpack and others from 37signals, adobes new buzzword and fluxiom among others...

many of those require payment when used by a larger organization though.

keep posting experiences on your work! :)

mortsan sa...

thanks for the many links and suggestions for other online services to use in terms of collaboration. for the time being we use yahoo groups, which i personally find rather messy, but it's a start.

and i agree that i cannot expect everyone to adjust to my ways of working, but it certainly would have its advantages ;) and it would be great for the environment as well.

but the future for online collaboration among teachers look bright